Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pocket Grannie

I just love it when my firstborn son calls on his cell phone after picking up the grandchild from daycare. I get to talk, and sing, and hear the grandchild's sweet, sweet voice.

Yesterday, when they called, they got home, and the grandchild was excited to see MOM and Andy slipped the cell phone into a pocket. I could still hear them, and talk, but it sounded like Andy was unwrapping the grandchild from a huge package of wrapping paper. It was a hoot. And to hear Andy, my firstborn, admit that you need two hands for a toddler...and two more would be very helpful...ah. I have always thought parents need an extra pair of hands when dealing with and helping their children. Too cute. There are just some things you cannot explain and they have to be experienced...hands on.

So, call me the pocket grannie. PG. Pocket Grannie. And happy potty training up there in Ohio!!! There actually is a website where all the bathrooms are on google maps! Soon as I find it again, I will email the link to firstborn. Seems like Dave Barry is where I saw it. off to read Dave Barry...

Great online chat with my dear first cousin, Tera, today on facebook. She taught me that FB means facebook. I learn something every day. I shared a cute little James story and she shared a cute little Lana story.

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