Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Storms and Food

Bad storms are approaching the DFW area from the southwest. I put the car in the garage for the second day in a row. And called my youngest, Ben-Ben. He is on a roof in Keller, right in the line of where the storms are headed. (repairing solar panels)

I re-configured the garage a little, so I was able to pull the car in and still access the washer and dryer, unlike yesterday. I had to use the windshield wipers to clean the green pollen dust from the oak trees off the windshield. I would so rather leave the car out in the rain for a free wash, but I don't want hail damage.

Silly Sallycat decided to dash in right when I was lowering the garage door---yikes.

Are you the type of cook who hates to waste food?? We had this bottle of Kraft Italian dressing that no one was using up. And it is suppose to be a good marianate, too, so I bought chicken breasts and soaked them in the dressing and cooked them in the salad dressing, too. And then I drained the cooked marianate into a bowl with low sodium cornbread dressing, two cups of cooked rice, and that last dab of hot sauce from another jar I wanted to finish. The dressing turned out great---and enough left over for lunch and supper today, too! I don't always have successes like this. Some are real duds. I prefer thigh meat as it seems moister, somehow.

Okay, the spell checker thingy does not like marianate for some reason.

Cornbread and/or bread dressing is my idea of comfort food. How about you?

4pm lots of rain. we need it. But, the lightening and thunder---whoa. I am so thankful my cake finished baking before the lights started blinking. I tried a new recipe that calls for things I did not have on hand---like cornstarch, and lemon zest, so I left them out. And the egg separating thing---five eggs. It is fun, but my whites did not puff up very high, and I should have thrown in some baking powder. But, it tastes okay. I think I will haul it to Bible Class tonight, as that group likes homemade goodies.

I noticed that the Star Telegram website caught a picture of the strange clouds. Bob called them upsidedown snow banks.


JAMIE'S CREW said...

Hi Joyce,
I like meatloaf. The kind I make. I rarely eat meatloaf at a restaurant. I don't add breadcrumbs to mine - I just depend on the egg to bind it together. A little tomato sauce, salt and pepper, basil, and a smidge of Oregano.

I also like Salmon patties for comfort food. I bake mine. That is what we are having tonight! Salmon patties and baked potatoes!

joyce said...

Whatall do you season your salmon patties?? and with crackers or break crumbs?? sounds good

Bob said...

The chicken was a winner.