Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Amazing Rainy End to July!

I could not mow the back yard even if I could get the mower started. This has been day after day of rain all week! Heavy rain. Gully washers. And I wish I could send Bob a video of the low circulating right on top of us. It is literally coming up from Stephenville, and counterclockwise coming around to hit us from the north. Amazing. I do not remember ever having such a wet, wet July. Even the front yard is greening up. Yet, my friends in Ennis have gotten not a drop. Just a two hour power outage from wind.

It is obvious that the low spots on the road by the creeks have overflowed, as there are piles of branches. And our gutters are washed out with piles of leaves out in the middle of the street, and sandbars. I bought a disposable camera to take picture of our cute granddaughter, otherwise I would take pictures of all the evidence. Glorious, blessed rain.

Flash flood warnings. Lightning. Thunder. Oh, my.

Looks like the rest of the country our Alaska bound duo is traversing is relatively rain free. I wonder what temps they are encoutering. Our intellicast wunderground website is being balky about showing Canadian weather. Is there weather in Canada? Are the wheat fields being harvested? What is the fast food of choice among father and son? Have they tried McDonald's angus burger deluxe?? It is pretty tasty.

Is it a contest competition to see how long they can hold it? Guys are often all about competitions. Is someone hogging all the driving? Is there laughter as they motor along? We still have a tape from a small tape recorder somewhere of when Bob and six year old Andy drove to Montana and taped an oral letter to mom about the power poles.

I was too tired to visit much on the phone when Bob called last night. I was awake at 3am, however. Did another load of laundry, and checked out a few funny websites. When Lauren was here day before yesterday, I showed her the website, "There, I fixed it."

And do they let Emmacat wander around the car during the day? Bob said she mostly sleeps during the day and roams at night. Does she eat greenies like our Sallycat?

And has Bob spotted the early morning n. clouds?? is always featuring them.

These and many more questions coming to a website near you.

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