Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I got a phone call from my good friend and prayer partner today. She said her husband has been in the hospital for six days, and today's surgery was scheduled for 12:30pm. We visited, prayed and hung up. And I decided to suprise her by being in the waiting room with her for a while. She was so glad to see me. And I got a couple of dishrags knitted. Suzanne is the one I knit them for, as she gives them away. She has to have blanketed all of Ennis with them, so now we are starting on Waxahachie. Sure enough, I pulled three out of my purse I was getting ready to mail her, and she promptly gave them away, just like she did at the shower a few weeks ago. Too funny.

Please pray for Suzanne's husband, Gary. He has diabetes, high blood pressure, and a staph infection in his foot. Gary is why James and Amber met, as Amber used to work where Gary works. Amber called later---she got my email, and dropped by the hospital, too. I know they were glad to see her.

I kidded Suzanne about how some are going to great lengths to cancel out on us. Suzanne asked if Gary had won the prize. Yes. Two cancelled for their father's 93rd birthday party, and some may be delayed by a funeral. But, a six day hospital stay---that trumphs them all. And what is it about small town hospitals? Wow. Everyone was SO friendly. Suzanne said HI to everyone, and half knew her, and even folks walking by our waiting room would say hello. I never. You just do not get that here in the big city. Eye contact and waves and greetings are a small town custom. And a nice one at that. I keep thinking our James would love living in a small town, as he has small town manners already.

And the December deployment is back on. Yikes. What a roller coaster. This Army changes their mind from week to week.


Anonymous said...

Dear Joyce I saw your comment on the blog Flight Level 390 and just had to say that I was glad to hear that you liked the movie The Dish.
I have been to Parkes several times in my lifetime and still marvel at the dish that was built in the early sixties, around the time I was born. Anyway I hope this finds you well I'm so glad America and Australia has such a great relationship, I was in New York city back in Dec 2007 with my wife and 2 daughters we just loved it. All the best Ian

joyce said...

Thank you Ian!! Our family watches that movie two or three times a year, and we recommend it to everyone we meet. We love the sense of humor, and nostalgia. Our local talk show host on WBAP has been featuring the anniversary of the moon landing all week, and I even emailed him about the movie. Did anyone take pictures of the dish being built? Australia is the best!