Friday, July 3, 2009

It is my birthday

Last night, Bob was falling asleep in his chair, so I suggested we go to bed early even though the sun was still up and then get up early and do stuff before it gets too hot. Well, Bob woke up at 3:30 am and could not sleep, so he got up and composed a birthday post for me on his blog. (ah)

Then about 7am, he made a pot of coffee, and was putting the coffeemate liquid container back in the frig, and missed the shelf, and took out the big jar of blackberry jam. I hear a large crash, and thought he'd fallen or something. So, I got a clean kitchen floor for my birthday. First, he had to carefully pick up all the tiny shards of glass, and since he was barefoot...he then mopped the floor with throw away rags. And then he vacuumed just to make sure. I am wondering if I could accidently spill jelly on the windows---they need washing, too.

Just as Bob was finishing up cleaning the kitchen floor, my folks skype-called to wish me a Happy Birthday. And James got up and visited with them a little, too. And I boiled the eggs, as James and Bob like hard boiled eggs. Bob has the sprinkler going in the back yard. And I have stocked the freezer with a Chick-fil-A cheesecake to entertain whoever comes by. And frozen Krispy Kremes, as they heat up so well in the microwave.

We have some indoor honey-do projects to tackle. The bathroom sink faucet has a place on the handle where the chrome has split, and it has cut my hands a few times. Time for a new faucet. And the bathtub handles are spinning again. The plastic seats inside them only last a few months. And we just don't have time nor desire to do a major tub remodel this year.

Bob has the sprinkler going in the back yard. But, it is too hot to do any yard projects. Suppose to be over one hundred degrees again today.

Let's see---we need eggs and milk at Braum's. plumbing stuff at Home Depot.

More later...Ben said he'd come over for lunch and supper, too, maybe. And James and Amber have their last pre-marital class today. And Amber picks up her dress. Then they might come over.

What a wonderful birthday. Fun. Fun. We did go to Home Depot, and Bob parked in the shade, and we bought that faucet, and then Bob wrestled with the plumbing and installed it. Now we are ready for guests.

James and Amber came over, and then Ben, and we went out to Carrabbas for an early supper, and talked to a man who will cator the reception. Yes.! Our guests will be well fed.

Sad news about Sarah Palin, being hounded by the press and frivilous lawsuits, deciding to step down. "Doing what is best for Alaska" she says, but the press and libs will never understand, and will continue to hound her because she is a threat. She is positive and upbeat, and wonderful.

But, it sounds like she is putting her family first.

And our dishwasher is acting strange---so I will call a repairman on Monday. (sigh) Always something with a house.


Bob said...

Sounds like a full schedule -- we can't possibly squeeze in one other thing.

joyce said...

I'm sure I'll think of something. I have thoughts.

Bridget 247 said...

I do this with everyone when it is there birthday. Here it goes, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to Joyce, happy birthday to you.
have a great day,