Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday of more rain!!!

Big storms rolled through this morning. I could hear the warnings on the radio. 30,000 lost power. And supposidly, it is going to circle around back on us and hit us again tomorrow! Everything is greening up. The sides of the road, so brown now for weeks are coming back.

I went to the chiropractor. He worked me over good. I needed it.

I bought stamps. Poor lady in the line had a boy literally running laps around the island. Too bad parents can't spank anymore. Threatening to tell the boy's dad was not effective.

My friend, Mary and I went to Mexican Inn for lunch.

At 1:18 pm Amber left a message on callnotes---they were going to get on a flight an hour from then, and her sister was picking them up at the airport, then they were getting James' car, and then maybe coming over here!!!

So, at 2pm, I called and Amber answered!!! I told her I can't wait to talk to her about the wedding. She seemed to only have eyes for James, and said she could not wait to SEE him. James looked so unreadable, but Amber says...

So, they will come over tonight and maybe open presents, and eat cheesecake. I also have their wedding cake... three bags full...frozen.

Then Lauren called at 4pm. On her way to swim at Uncle Doug and Aunt Melanie's house. I am sure Kelly will be a good babysitter. I am so glad she is having a grand time. Dr. Karn had so much fun talking to Abby. And Abby recognized Mimi in pictures on the walls. Lauren will see her friends tomorrow, then travel down to see Don's folks, and maybe to Austin. I told her about the newlyweds coming here tonight, maybe, and she so wanted to be here, too! If only that beam-me-up Scotty thing worked.

The address book project is almost finished. Four pages of Ws to go. We have no friends of certain letters---like Rs, etc. But, the newly printed sheets look so much cleaner, and neater, and ready for new notes. It looks like a family tree in places to help me remember friends and family's grandchildren's names and ages.

Some cat got into our garage and tore up Sallycat. Tuffs of Sallycat's hair were so thick you could stuff a pillow. I had to sweep the garage before doing laundry. The laundry never ends with changing sheets.

I wonder how far our travellers got? I wonder if they stop and hike and stretch their legs?? I wonder if they are enjoying Canada and being together.

More later....the newlyweds are okay, and coming home, and I can't wait!

They came, they opened presents, and took pictures, and ate some cake and I managed to send all the cake home with Bridget as well as the mushroom sauce. Yeah. Now I have room in my freezer. Yeah.

I just loved the framed vows. WE all need a copy of those. And I could pencil in a few more. I don't think they were quite long enough.

I am so relieved they had a good time on Pike's Peak, and in their "stinky" cabin. Some varmit musta died under the living room portion, because they said it smelled bad in there. I am so glad the wedding presents are now all safely in their hands. Lots of good cooking---a waffle iron and a sandwich maker. Mixers, bowls, spoons, plates. They are gonna eat good. And no more toasters. That is good.

And I handed off the laundry and uniforms. James still has a bunch of shirts left in the closet, but he can get them next time.

All I have left to do, wedding wise, is return some napkins Carrabbas left at our church.

Bob and Andy tried skype-ing but the video from my direction would not work. so frustrating. I could see and hear them, but they could not see us. And it was jerky in the audio department, too. I tried shutting down the computer and restarting, so maybe it will work tomorrow.


Bob said...

It was good talking to you. Tomorrow we're off to (believe it or not) Grand Prairie, in Alberta.

JAMIE'S CREW said...

Hi JOyce! Love your newsy post. Is your chiropractor in Arlington? I have one near my house - but not convinced I love him - seems inexperienced to me.

I actually posted over at my blog tonight with other posts scheduled for the next few days. Yippee!

Take care!

joyce said...

No, my chiropractor moved to Mansfield, off 286 and Broad Street exit. not too hard to get to. He is good. lots of experience. Dr. Gary Brettmann