Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Next Time I call a Plumber...

Next Time I call a Plumber,
This is what I'll say:

Hey, Mr. Plumber man,
please send out to me
a dirty guy
a big beefy guy
and make sure he hasn't changed
foul clothes that make me cry.

And just let him show
any old time
no need to call ahead
don't even promise a call to me
come three hours late instead.

And after he has mucked about
And made a royal mess
Just let me know how much to pay
and take your tools and guess
that I will scrub and clean the cess
pool and grit and grime you left

Armed with bleach
I will curse you, where I cannot reach
wet wipes will and blog and tell all my friends
don't use that plumber, don't be a fool.


Bob said...

It's catchy.

Nitrile Gloves said...

The idea was good. I think you were great.

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