Thursday, July 16, 2009

Maybe I am just picky...

Merry Maids just push the dirt around. They showed up promptly at 9am, smoke billowing from their car. They hauled in tons of equipment, and clean looking rags, and cleaning solution.

It ought to be a clue when you don't hear water running much. They depend on their minty glass cleaner to "wash" the items listed to be "washed" and dust everything else. They start with a broom handled rag to get the cobwebs, and they like Orek vacuums because they are light weight. I don't think they work that well. And of course, they did not have a tool for corners. They worked for an hour and a half, then asked what I thought. Well, it smelled sorta clean, and while I was appauled watching their technics, I merely observed, made mental notes, and started a list...after they left ...when I ran my hand inside the tub and coated my hand with white powder. Comet? After all the talk about getting the bathroom two year old proof?? I emphasized this with the sales rep and the workers.

When I called their office as the instructions say, and started listing my concerns, Faith insisted on sending them back. I knew that was not going to work. And sure enough, they still did not have the right baseboard tool, so I pulled my vacuum out for them to use. Jovita insisted the soap scum on the shower ceiling was "glue" but Dana made her scrub it. I provided the plastic scrubber. Jovita left it--a wet scrubber in the towel cupboard. yuck. why?

Their "green" solution was squirted on the fan blades, and vaccumed along the edges of the carpet. And fussed at each other for not "seeing" the pile of leaves the first time. Dana confused my coffee mugs with knick knacks that needed dusting---and it grossed me out to see her wiping them inside and out with the same cloth she used to wipe the shelves. I think they took some dirt away. But, after they left, I test scrubbed the frig, and blackened my white dishrag. Same with the coffee table. It was filthy.

And the soap scum on the tiles above the tub---they insisted that I purchase some caustic product as their cleaning materials could not get it off. I took a butt wipe---Pampers wet wipe, sensitive flavor, and wiped the soap scum off the tiles myself. Buffed with a dry towel, and they shine again. Merry Maids left my tile cloudy. I am cancelling the service. What a joke. I got tired getting ready for them--carefully blowing leaves off the front walk so they did not track more in, and cleaning up after them. And restoring things to their proper place. What a waste of time and money. I have to do it myself if I want it done right. Or impose on Bob to give me a hand.

And tomorrow I get to wait around for the dishwasher repairman. Oh, joy.

Maybe I am just picky... Yeah, that is it.

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