Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I got my haircut. And the nice professional kept talking and talking and cutting it shorter and shorter. So, I won't need another haircut for a few months. What a hoot!

Good plumber---already blogged about that.

Picked up Bob's suit---all clean and ready for the next event. Hopefully, my dad's funeral.

Defrosted the freezer at ACC. Hope no one trips on any melted ice. I hope to get there early Sunday, and close it back up.

Found a few things at Target. Ate an angus burger deluxe from McDonalds. Still on the hunt for coasters. And they only sell sheets in sets these days. Try finding one king sized flat sheet.

Still ruminating about the wedding, reception, clean-up, and the fact that the newlyweds fly home tomorrow.

I just never in a million years dreamed that two different women would be victimized by my own 64 year old pervert of a father at the wedding reception. Dang, it is a good thing we did not invite folks from our church. Why is my father drawn to beautiful, vivacious women? What a horrible Christian testimony. Since when is inappropriate flirting a Christian virtue? How exactly does whispering to my friend and prayer partner the he has had the hots for her for years glorify Christ? I wish she had slapped his sorry face. But, she did not want to make a scene at James and Amber's reception. And right in front of my mother---has my mother no spine? Does she worship at the idol of "duty" until my dad beats and kills her? Doesn't she see anything wrong in my dad asking for photos of Bob's niece when she was sixteen?

What does it take to put a dirty old man on a pervert list?

When will the real men in our family take him out? My friend said he is not worth going to jail for. But, the years of waiting for him to change, the years of listening to my relatives talk about weird and unnatural incidents with my dad....when is someone going to stop him? I hope he gets caught, but that means another victim. But, we need a victim with the spine to turn his sorry ass in to the police.

Keep your hands to yourself, old man. Control yourself.
At any and all future family gatherings, we will need a real man to shadow you and prevent you from being the predator you are. We are watching you. Be afraid. Be very afraid. The Judge is at the door.

Does my dad victimize women in the homes where he sells insurance?

Does my dad act inappropriately with women at his own church?

Would the strong women of this world stand up to the pervert?! Please!

And to my sons: never leave your wife alone around my dad. Not even to go to the bathroom.

Dear Heavenly Father, Please empower the women my dad comes into contact with to know when to scream, when to slap his face, and when to take him out. Please protect girls and women from my dad. I pray he gets caught so that no one else gets hurt. In Jesus name. Amen.


joyce said...

I emailed Bob about it and he replied: "Your dad is creepy? Wow, who knew? Now let’s think about something worthwhile."

I like what Bob said. I have prayed, and prayed, and warned any and all fathers of daughters I know, so now I need to leave it in God's Hands.

Please, Lord, Your Will Be Done.

Bob said...

Made me laugh -- I'm so ashamed of myself.

joyce said...

Which part? the cleaned suit ready for my dad's funeral ? that was my foreshadowing. a warning that I was about to take off in a major rant.

I did not attend Michael Jackson's funeral. I will probably miss my dad's for the same reason.