Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dangerously Hot

I should have known better. It was a beautiful post. Really it was. I pondered aloud on all the beautiful things about today, even though it is dangerously hot... and then, hit "post" and I got the "I'm not really sorry note about how it wasn't their fault they ate your post. No, there was some problem of double posting, and please report it, blah.

So I shall try again. I shall never trust blogspot again. I am so thankful my husband showed me where the word document thingy has been hiding on this new computer all this time. ha I shall compose away here, and then cut and paste. NO more lost prose. I have been burnt too many times.

It is dangerously hot outside. We are under a heat advisory until 7pm on Monday evening. Is that when the temp will drop below one hundred? How do they know? The day begins at the coolest it gets this time of year---85 degrees. Although, looking through the records, it once got down to 66 degrees. Must have had a thunderstorm that day.

This morning, Bob and I elected to go to Amber's church. We drove the route Bob worked so hard to construct on google earth and lo and behold, one of the streets had changed since December---when we last drove it. So Bob changed the maps and links. again. We will print some out, as well as have links online for incoming relatives.

We made it just fine in thirty minutes. Easy. But, we knew where we were going.

Amber's church is small. Modest. Her pastor gave an excellent message on the chapter where the Temple was built in I Kings. And compared the Temple to the first and second coming of Christ. Just like the temporary Tabernacle, covered with skins (flesh) Jesus came, and was lit from within. And the Temple represents the Second Advent, where Jesus will reign. Now, we are the Temple in order to reflect Jesus in our lives. It was a good lesson. All about how God is very into details, and gives specific instructions, dimensions and yet calls us back to relationship: observe, keep, obey in the middle of the work. The stones, for example, he said, were not to be chiseled or hewn near the site, but back at the quarry in the desert--and how in our lives, God does the rough cuts on us back at the quarry, in the dessert where it is hot and uncomfortable.

Amber's church is small, but hopefully, 140 wedding guests and wedding party can fit in there. We will pack it to the gills, and I tried to imagine Amber and her eight bridesmaids all lined up there. They have done an astonishing amount of remodeling since December. The carpet, and padded pews, and textured walls...the texturing on the walls reminded me of angels' wings. I wonder if they planned it that way? Then we will get back in our cars and travel the thirty minutes to our church--where we meet in a gym. Lots of room. Too much room almost to decorate. And our church threw us a curve ball by adding yet another "ministry" by opening the gym Friday afternoons. Lovely. When are we suppose to decorate? And when can we safely haul in the gallons of tea and lemonade and limeade?

I know it will all work out. Bob asked if we can invite folks from our church to just the reception. I don't think it is right to invite a few and not everyone. Someone's feelings might get hurt. And how would we get an accurate headcount for the caterers? Our family counts fifty--and some of them understand and are willing to just come to the reception as it will be easier on their little kids. Now to find someone to keep the church gym open from 2-6pm, and greet the caterers, and receptionees, and hopefully help with the music and cleanup. After the reception, Bob will haul out the 200 chairs from their storage rooms and set up for church the next day. Bob has been on chair crews for years, and can do it in an hour with four helpers who know what they are doing. So it is doable.

I just hope and pray Amber and James look back with fond memories and laughter. No matter what happens. We look back at our wedding an laugh. And we selfishly think the way we did it was the best. I'd keep it to just immediate family, though, if I had it to do over again, as my folks pulled a fast one with distant relations I had never met nor rubbed elbows with on a regular basis. My folks were trying to pad the numbers, as they knew Bob's family was big.

So, I don't want to invite anyone James and Amber do not approve of inviting. I think folks at our church understand. Ivan maybe, and LaVern. But, if others got wind that they got to come, and others didn't, I don't think that would go over very well. Mary K. She is my friend. Not really James'. She has volunteered to help babysit the facilities during the wedding if I can't find someone from our church or family to do it.

It will be fun. Fun to see everyone. A family reunion of sorts, like weddings can be. Almost all of Bob's siblings are coming. I think. The last time we were all together was at his sister's thirtieth in Albuquerque a year ago June. And a year before that, it was Bart's 50th birthday surprise. And Aunt Mary's funeral. Bob's siblings are pretty spread out now---but some are very faithful about weddings. I don't think Joel and Mona have every missed one. Then, making them officiate helped.

A wedding is a joining of two families. Amber's family from California and Arizona are all coming. And her family that lives in the area, of course. It will be fun. I hope Amber's family and friends feel welcome in our big old barn of a gym/church.


ShalomSeeker said...

May I help?

Since I am kinda crashing the party anyway...Could I babysit the facilities for you? I'd get to
1.) Free you up;
2.) Free up a seat at the wedding that I was crashing; and
3.) See everyone from the family at the reception, which is what I'm looking forward to anyway.

Would that help? I have loads of administration and wedding experience, and can produce a resume to that effect if helpful. I'd truly love to help!
Love you!

joyce said...

What ?? I had no clue you wanted to come or could come!!!! That is great for you to come to the wedding and reception. Duke and Mary cancelled, so there should be plenty of room.

And we got a guy from our church to volunteer to be there at our church whilst we are at Amber's. But, thank you! Wow. Are you riding with your folks, or flying into town?