Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vinegar to the Rescue

Soon as Bob calls, I am off to the cleaners to pick up the freshly ironed shirts for Bob's suit---and a spare. Then to church. We have been missing the last few Wednesdays and I need that break to the week so I know what day it is. Strange motivation, I know.

Today was Merry Maids redo. I thought Maxine said they be here at 9am. So, I was ready. By 9:30am, I gave up, vacuumed myself, and was headed down the drive on errands at 11am when they pulled up. No, no, they insisted--you second house. Okay. I let them in. And their cleaning fluids made me gag. Even the ladies were sniffling. If it were not such a hot day, I would have opened windows. This team spent time in the kitchen getting the stove to shine. sorta. And spit mopped the floor with their squirt bottle and a rag. They call it washing. I call it depressing. So, I gave it the old white clean washrag test. The floor is still dirty.

Well, we did not make it to church. Bob worked late, and missed his train, so I drove downtown Dallas and picked him up. We then ate at chick-fil-a and then picked up his car at the train station. Home by 8:30pm. Eating at chick-fil-a is like a date for us. We get to observe other people's cute little kids. And eat and ice cream cone! And I observed that planes are landing to the north. Pray tell, doth a front approacheth?

The groom is safely back in the DFW area. He belongs to them now. He is with Amber and her folks. We have lost him to the bride's side. Now he belongs to the ages.

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