Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gang Problem in Anchorage, who knew?

I have been following a blog of a couple traveling through Alaska. Sad to hear that Anchorage has a gang problem after dark. Yikes.

Today we bought Bob a suit. Picked a black one off the rack at Men's Warehouse and they "fit" you and then you go pick it up in nine or ten days. Men do stuff strange. Women buy something that fits and take it home for heaven's sake. Our clothing comes all hemmed thank you very much. And we don't get to add anything to the crotch, either. But, then I think men's suits are a joke. They look hot. And yet, Bob is respected better in front of the Sunday School class when suited. Polo-ed, he gets a lot of lip.

We had the last supper with James. The last time ever we will eat steak with just him. Once he is married, any eating out will be with THEM. as it should be. In two weeks he will be a married man. Wow. The last time with just James...just James...just James....just James...j u s t James. (just like the song) Bob pointed out that it won't be Just James. It will be James and Amber. Amber and James. Lieutenant and Mrs. James Williamson. Captain and Mrs. Andy Williamson.

The yard did not get mowed. The front yard is needed a trim, too. But, best to spend this time with just James.

And our church has thrown us another curve ball. They are opening the gym on Friday afternoons. How lovely. When exactly are we suppose to decorate for the reception? If only we were using the fellowship hall. Oh, well.

Bob spent hours and hours and hours today getting the google maps ready to help people navagate between the churches. We hope to have some maps on hand for those among the friends and relatives that did not bother to look it up before leaving home. And some one the list either did not get an invitation or they were lost in the mail because of moves. I think Martin was coming back from Iraq, and Doug and Lisa were moving to their new house. But, hopefully, they can come to the reception and see Andy and Lauren and Abby before they head to Alaska.

James' laundry is almost done. The last time...well, next to last time, ever I do his laundry.... and towels, jock straps and sheets, and velcrow rich uniforms. There you go, James. Aren't you glad I posted today!

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Yes I am Mom. Now I can go to sleep.