Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ban the Burka

I tried to embed this, but failed. so please go to the link. He has the reasons I agree with. The burka is a dangerous death shroud. Their babies are born with rickets because of lack of vitamin D through lack of sunlight !! That is reason enough.

Hundred years ago or so, other cultures had stupid customs and the UK put their foot down and said, no, you may not throw the widow on the funeral pire anymore. Time to put our foot down and ban the burka, too. If it is a religious symbol, then wear it at church, you fools, even as the Catholics keep their veils and head coverings at church.

And where are the feminists on this subject? Hiding from genital mutilation, too, eh?? Cowards. If we lined up and shot anyone performing genital mutilation, I think they'd quit. But, feminists are in bed with the abortionists.

update: on the radio today, there was a story of terrorists who escaped by wearing burkas. The Marines did not have any female Marines with them to check the "women". Another reason to ban the stupid burkas.

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