Sunday, July 26, 2009


I will not direct your attention to a much funnier blog:

Bob is blogging about his adventure with firstborn as they drive the cars to St. Louis to ship one, and Alaska to their new home.

Lots of cuteness here. The granddaughter got to see both sets of granparents together at the reception, and both her MIMI and her Grannie at lunch today. How special is that!

Good rainstorm here. Lots of lightning. One crack overhead made me jump. Skpe-ed with Great Grandparents, and The Travelers, and the firstborn sounds mighty goofy operating on little sleep. Just like his Uncle Joel!

I was so glad Mission Arlington was willing to take the five pans of pasta and meat sauce. I am now on the official salmon diet. Salmon in the morning, salmon in the evening, salmon at supper time. It heats up in the microwave just fine. I did not save the sauce for it, but I did save the whole pan of mushroom sauce that was on the chicken. And I have plenty of bread for toast.

And if Bridgette is missing a set of tablecloths on a hanger---I found it on the parking lot. Looks like they ran over it in their car, but the tire tracks are only on the plastic bag! I will save it for whoever goes that direction next! And I am so sorry I did not catch Brigette in time to send food home with her---there was no chicken left, but salmon, and mushroom butter sauce, and pasta with meat sauce aplenty.

And in case I forget to tell the bride where I hid her knives---it is in the red bag with the netting---here with the presents.

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Bob said...

Skyping with your dad can be dangerous business -- did he have his pants on?