Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Good Sunday School lesson. A semi-retired Wycliffe translator from Brazil gave a lesson on the Prodigal Son. I like how he pointed out that it was really a Prodigal Father--who gave his love lavishly. We can identify with the characters in the story. The wild living son versus the obedient son. But, even the obedient son was resentful, and waiting, perhaps, for Dad to die. What is our motivation? God's Grace is so special, so amazing. God's Grace cannot be earned by our good behavior nor lost by our bad.

Bob pointed out that the three parables go together, the lost coin, the lost son, and the lost sheep... and that the Pharisees did not realize they were the lost ones. I needed that. I need to remember that as I read in the book of James this week, God is the Judge standing at the door---present tense. God is watching. And God is loving, changing and restoring, too.


Anonymous said...

This is so good!!!! I'm a bit back in the bloggin' world- but will be takin' things slow as I'm in the midst of a move :)

joyce said...

Welcome Beloved Mama! Glad you liked this post.

Moving will wear you out. Take care.