Friday, July 17, 2009

Stunned. I got taken.

After washing the coffee table with dawn and water, a soapy white washrag turned brown, so I was suspicious of everything else they supposidly washed. (their definition of wash is squirt with their "green" cleaning solution) I washed the frig with a new white wash rag and dawn dishwashing liquid. That white wash rag also turned brown. Yikes.

I was so tired last night and sore from re-doing the tiles, bathroom, and mugs, I waited until this morning to wash the kitchen floor. Wow. I used a white dishrag and dawn and water. I now need to bleach four dishrags and a white towel. wow. Boy, did I get taken or what?!

Amazing. Time to bad mouth Merry Maids to everyone I know. How has this company survived? Do people actually pay for this poor service? And never check, never complain? wow.

What a waste of money. I feel so stupid.

Merry Maids needs to be reported to the Better Business Bureau.

I am sure I will get some excuse about liability and how they are not allowed to use bleach or caustic cleaning solutions. This is just too sad.

Merry Maids is just a small company owned by a much bigger conglomerate. What a joke. And the joke is on me.

I did it. I reported them online. Hope it saves someone else from getting taken. My new routine: scrub a little, bleach a little, move things off one section of the counter, wash, let dry, take a break under the fan. Blog a little. read blogs. Listen to NASA tv online, WBAP. Then when I am cooled off. Scrub some more. Once I have mopped the kitchen floor with Dawn and a capful of bleach, then it will be clean. Or I could do just straight vinegar. I gotta wait for the dishwasher repair man to bring the part and install.

I love vinegar. It is the best for cleaning. Maybe it will take away this sickening odor, the "green" cleaning solution the Merry Maids sprayed everywhere.

RAIN. spittin' rain, but dark clouds promise more. And it dropped below eighty degrees. Wow. And it is not suppose to get above 100 for maybe five days. We usually do not see a break like this in the summer. We usually sit and bake under a high until late August. wonderful.

I woke up super early this morning. And fetched sausage biscuits for our breakfast. I am sure Bob was amazed to see me upstanding before he left for work. I read somewhere on the web that elevating the head of your bed is good for what ails you. snoring. hair loss. ingrown toenails. circulation. infertility. The web page even sited the Egyptians and how they slept at a certain angle. So, I asked Bob to shove a two by four under the front wheels at the head of our bed. So far, so good.

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Bob said...

So if we'd only known about the 2x4s earlier, I'd have a full head of hair today? Dang!