Monday, July 6, 2009

I have not washed dishes in years...

That's right. I have had a maytag dishwasher, and now a Bosche. It is only a few years old, but half-way through a cycle on my birthday, it started putting out a burning rubber smell. And runs---I mean, it makes the noise like it is running, even with the door open, but no water is being pumped anywhere. And the dishes had to be hand washed.

Filling a sink. Washing dishes with lots of soapy bubbles. I have not done this in years. I have depended on the dishwasher to sterilize. But, soaking my hands in dishwater finally loosened that splinter in my palm that got stuck there when I was attacking cobwebs.

Looks like I get to wash dishes until Friday. And I am sure the dishwasher will need a part, so it may be longer.

The plumber comes tomorrow to fix the rocking potty. Our house is old, and the bolt broke and the flange or brass ring thingy the potty sits on is old and descentagrated. So, if you are sitting on the potty and lean too far over, the whole potty will lean with you. I thought we'd better get it fixed before guests and the wedding. I asked Ben to recommend a plumber, as he works with them at his job all the time.

And (gross out alert---female issues to be discussed) guess what started. I went 45 days last month, and 42 days this month---so things are stretching out. I used to be SO regular. Every 25 to 28 days. Like clockwork. Then a few years I started skipping months once or twice a year. Totally confusing. And then the blood clots from hell. And gushing. So, I started taking my vitamins more regularly, and the supplements that my chiropractor suggested, and things evened out. I am so glad I did not subject myself to the gynocologists gruesome d&c and hormones. When the time between periods stretch out to 45 and 42 days, it is confusing what time of month I am---the can't get warm to save my life week? or the easily constipated week? or the back ache ? or the nightmares week? This new normal is not so predictable. Pity the poor husband. Fun. Fun.

Has anyone written a book or two about menopause? I hate that word. What exactly to men have to do with it? And the google searches are a hoot. I see primrose oil mentioned--maybe I'd better shop for that, and add it to my supplements in a preventative way.

Back to the dishes. It is usually just Bob and me. We don't generate that many dishes. I am thinking there is no hurry getting the dishwasher fixed. And I need to remember bleach for cleaning the sink of stains. And we should have bought the repair plan with our appliances. We gambled, and lost.

What is it with companies these days hiring incompetent help to answer the phones? What are they thinking? The silly woman at the mint company that refused to take my phone order, and now the appliance lady who put me on hold three times, was so easily distracted taking my address, and made me wonder about the company. If I had not had a good experience with their actual repairman, I would have moved on and tried another company. Yikes.


Bob said...

Just wait until the government runs every business -- there'll be polite people on the help desks and nothing but competent workmen doing their jobs quickly & professionally.

JAMIE'S CREW said...

hello! Great post. We are having car troubles - so I can relate to the whole repair scenario!

Why wouldn't the lady at the mint company take your order?

Enjoyed your post! I actually posted one tonight also!

Take care!

joyce said...

Howdy Jamie--have you eaten those good butter mints at Chick-fil-A? I called the company on the wrapper, and they said they did not take phone orders, but they would fax an order form to me. When I said I did not have a fax machine, she took my email, but I have yet to receive the form. I have emailed them, and seen the catalog online, so I have an order ready. She said something about how they had downsized. Bizarre.

Lisa said...

Sounds like take out and paper plates till the part comes in! ;-)