Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday, repairman day. oh joy. not

At least today's repairman is targeted between 2 and 4pm. Wow. Dare I venture out to get more milk? Am I truly free? On Tuesday, the plumber from hell was suppose to call first and that never happened. He just showed three hours later than they estimated I'd get a call.

What is with all the earthquakes in our area? Clebourne. Is natural gas drilling causing the quakes? Today's was a 2. Big whoop. But, earthquakes in Texas are rare.

107 predicted for today. Yikes.

Best get out and get 'er done. Post office to drop off bills, Braums to pick up milk, and maybe swing through McDonalds for an angus burger. They are tasty. And I like to know the breed of my cow. I am afraid to ask what kind of beef the other burgers are---dried up milk cows? male jerseys?

We are getting low on greenies. And Sallycat will start yowling if we run out. I wish Walmart carried them. I will have to go to the huge Pet place. Yuck. Lotsa walking for packets of greenies to placate our silly cat. One cat, cat for sale, she is going cheap, only seven guineas...that or thereabouts. If I could say she wasn't very greedy, I couldn't for I'd be telling you a tale. One cat. Cat for sale. (can you guess the musical?)

May I wax about photographers? What is the ediquette for asking photographers if they need therapy? What happened in their childhood to make them want to take pictures of my dear children besides trash, sadly painted walls, and teal colored air conditioner units? When will the trend turn back toward better backgrounds? I did not know I had such a viseral reaction to pictures with chain link fences. Bob says it is because it reminds me of the sad, sad, sad little faces waiting behind the fences at daycare. Little ones in prison. Maybe I am the one that needs therapy.

There is an old country and western song: lyrics go something like this: I gonna hire a wine-o to decorate our home, so you'll feel more at ease here, and you won't need to roam...we'll take out the dining room table, and put a bar along that wall... Well, I think we need to set up a special corner in the gym for the photographer at James' wedding so that she will feel comfortable. We can position some trash cans, some boxes, corregated steel, and drape material that looks like chipped painted walls. That way, the photographer will feel comfortable at the reception, and not make us stand outside by the rustic fence or air conditioner units. Bob said he is afraid the photographer will make us stand in the dumpsters. And our church has THREE. One dumpster for trash, and two for paper recycling. And it is just too hot outside for pictures, in my opinion. snark

More later...

Murphy's Law---they showed at 1pm when I was not home. Who knew? I had a plumber that was three hours late, and a repairman one hour early. Well, I am back on the list. They have another call in a city nearby, so we will see if they make it back this way. Oh, well. I am getting good at washing dishes. Waiting around for repairmen, not so good.

Okay, the Bosch needs a new "board" which will take a week to get, and they need a proof of purchase date/receipt because if the dishwasher is less than 2 years old, the "board" is covered under warranty. But, older--I'd need to pay for the service call and/or item, but less than five years old, which I am pretty sure it is. Isn't that interesting---the fine print. ha.

And Air Force son called today. There is something called a Captain's School. Where they send you to learn how to be a captain. Firstborn has been promoted, and is a newly minted Captain. But, in a year or two or even three--he will be sent to a school to learn HOW to be a captain. Who knew? wow. I am impressed. This schooling is back in the lower 48, so maybe we will get to visit him or them. It is an accompanied tour/school, so as long as his wife is not teaching a class at college---we might see all of them sometime. Cool, huh? And here I thought it would be three years before I saw them again once they head north to Alaska. I am always learning something as the mom of an Air Force son! Whoot!

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