Saturday, July 4, 2009

It is Independence Day!

The 4th of July. Our country's birthday. The Fourth. Independence Day.

Our flag is proudly displayed out front. And it is getting hot. Bob is mowing the backyard so that he does not have to bag it. The grass has been growing so fast that mowing once a week means bagging it and our compost heap is already a huge pyramid in the back corner of the yard. With the white crepe myrtle blooms sitting on it---it looks like a mountain with snow! Too funny for our 105 degree days! I did hear the radio folks use the word, rain, in their forecast for tomorrow--and temps just in the ninties! Whew.

It is so good to read so many blogs featuring the Declaration of Independence and stories of what happened to those who signed it. So many of them lost everything--even their families. Amazing stories that we dare not forget.

We sure enjoyed skype-ing with our oldest son and his family. The granddaughter was so cute. She loves singing, and dancing, and making herself dizzy. And good to see Andy and Lauren enjoying her. Can't wait to see her in a few weeks. So many expressions that still pictures cannot capture. Lauren's mom says she sees glimpses of Andy, but all I can see is Lauren as a little girl. So cute. Precious smile and giggle.

And I think we can eat leftovers for a brunch--and I am so relieved we have a catorer lined up for the reception. That is such a load off my mind, and answer to prayer. or is it caterer? or catoror? I like the idea of the extra helpers to be sure little kids do not get hurt on the chaffing dishes. We will still need to fetch tea and lemonade or limeade as it is gonna be hot.

James got in real late last night, and was so excited because he got his ring. He is wearing it on the other hand right now---silver, with Hebrew letters inside, and July 25, 2009 inscribes. It reminds me of the Lord of the Rings, ring. white gold? platinum? Cool.

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