Friday, July 24, 2009

On This Their Wedding Day

First Timothy chapter two says to pray...for those in authority so that we may lead peaceful lives. Fathers, manage your family. Women be worthy of respect in how to conduct ourselves. And chapter four talks how we are to train for godliness...set and example in speech, in life, in love, in faith, in purity. The sins of some men are obvious....and the sins of other trail behind them...

On Friday, it felt like Saturday, because Bob was home. Bob helped me purchase the gallons and gallons of lemonade, limeade, raspberry lemonade, and tea at Walmart, and haul it all and ten bags of ice to the church where we stored it. Andy and Lauren and Abby missed their flight as the check in line was over an hour and a half. We picked up Lauren's brother, Tim at Love Field in Dallas, and then after a late lunch, headed back to the other airport to await Andy, Lauren and Abby on a resceduled flight through Atlanta on another airline. Air Tran just was not going to get them here in time, so they found a better one on Delta. It is a miracle they made it.

We arrived fifteen minutes late for the rehearsal, and then needed to get gas on the way to the rehearsal dinner. But, I am sure things will go smoothly tomorrow---which is already today. Abby was so cute being a typical two and a half year old at the rehearsal. She fell asleep in the car coming home. Others did not find it so cute, so we made other plans for what to do during the ceremony. No telling what she will do tomorrow. If they wanted a well-ordered flower girl, they should have hired Miss Meredith. She is a seasoned flower girl. And she knows how to stand quietly. Two and a half year olds are more into interpretive dance.

Dear Heavenly Father, There is going to be an awful lot of traveling tomorrow between the two churches. And certain silly members of my family think it is a good idea to neglect their own, and stay up late. Your Will Be Done. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Please help us respect and restore the facilities cleaner than we found them. And

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