Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It Should Be Mother-in-Love

Why-o-why is it Mother-in-law? We are in the age of Grace. The Church Age. We are not under the Mosaic Law. Not all of them, but the Big Ten were carried over from Noah---we like those. The Ten Commandments were carried into the New Testament by Jesus Himself. He clicked and dragged them into our age. The Ten Commandments are for all ages. And they insure the preservation of a person, a marriage, a family, a nation.

But, mother-in-laws usually have a bad reputation. I read the horror stories on Spousebuzz, and they are not usually featured in a good light in movies. MIL is my acronymn for this name, and to the photographer, who asked for a company name, I am the evil mother-in-law. I should have called myself, Mother-in-Love. Because I love both my daughters-in-law. Lauren, I have known since she was a tiny baby, as her mom was my good friend at church starting in high school. Lauren's mom and I enjoyed sleepovers, each other's folks, and Lauren's grandmother even gave me a china shower, a sopapas recipe, and watched over our spiritual health.

In four days, I will be given another daughter-in-law, Amber. Fun. Fun. I am so blessed with Christian daughters-in-law. Maybe we should call them daughters-in-love, as they love my sons. And I am so glad. Warts and all...as my sons are not perfect. But, we did our best to raise men of character.

a funny about James: James told us about getting tattled on at work. Someone walked into his major's office and said that one of his lieutenants was taking a picture of himself at his desk and sending it to his girlfriend. James' major guessed correctly the first time. What a hoot. But, maybe the major needs to give 2LT more to do. He'll be a 1LT later this year.

Amber said that someone asked James about his skills, or hobbies, and James forgot to mention his one numchuck skill: dancing. I think this will be a very useful skill in the Army. It is good exercise, and good for dodging bullets, and entertaining the Afghani children. It will be good for romancing his wife, and playing with his children someday, too. My Dad's mother and father were known for their love of dancing. So, James got a double dose from the Howe side of the family.

Rain again today?! This is a gully washer, with lightening, and the whole metroplex got some, not just a few spotty showers. Won't need to water all week. And this yard will need mowing whilst Bob is in Alaska. Oh, dear.

Maybe, one weekend...James could demonstrate to Amber his mowing man skills. James mowed one whole summer to buy his ford ranger. He was one of Mr. Washburn's best workers.

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