Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pictures of Rehearsal and Wedding

Dancing the night away.

Groom and Best Man brother dancing, and smiling bride and her folks--click to make larger.

Best Man Brother and his daughter, the flower girl princess.

The two Jameses and Ben. James and his cousin, my sister's son, were born the same year. Standing at the airport, I asked my sister when we were both pregnant with them what she was going to name her baby...and we have used middle names since they were little when together once a year...

Handsome groomsmen: left to right, Andy, Best Man, George, cousin, Ross, cousin, Maurico, Tim, and Ben, youngest brother

Bride and Groom at a delicious rehearsal dinner.

Rehearsing--parents seated in first row.

Rehearsal pictures on the bottom, wedding and reception near the top.
Thank you, Lauren, for taking these wonderful pictures and putting them on a disk. It was so easy to download them to facebook, too. This should hold us over until the photographer has the ones they took up and ready.

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