Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Finally---a postive plumbing experience!

With much trepidation, I put aside my grudge with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and called them back. They sent out a card after the election bad-mouthing Joe the Plumber, so I was boycotting them. But, at least they are clean and on time.

And I got a post card in the mail from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing saying they'd waive the service call if scheduled on a Wednesday or Thursday. I just wanted them to replace the plastic seats again to help me make it through all the guests.

The lady at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing said the seats were still under warranty. So, there was no charge. Even though it was not the seats that were the problem, but the screw that works its way out. The plumber put lock tight on it. And NO charge. Did you read that Bob??! Wow. Should I have tipped him? Amazing. I explained that Benjamin Franklin Plumbing gave us an estimate on redoing the whole shower system, as the seat valves behind the handles are plastic---but this plumber says he could do it from the kitchen, so we would not have to retile. And this time, it was NOT the seats, just the screw on the hot water side.

I don't mind a hole in my kitchen wall, because then we could still use the bathroom! A kitchen hole in the wall can be patched by Bob. We need to repaint in the kitchen, anyway. It is tempting.

I wrote on the tile in permanent marker to turn gently, as the plumber told me to turn the handles gently, and I forget to warn guests. Now we are all set for more guests. And Mr. Too-Strong-Does-Not-Know-his-own-strength, the Newlymarried Lieutenant---maybe the sign on the wall will remind him.

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Bob said...

Excellent! Ya done good!