Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday evening post Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel does a catfish fry on Friday nights. I think we have been there the last three Friday nights with Ben-Ben. We talked about whatall we will be doing next Friday night: the rehearsal dinner and then the wedding on Saturday. Whew! I bet this week flies by.

Well, the head honcho branch manager insisted on coming by and looking at my house and the poor job her workers did. I said to come ahead, and showed her the dirty washrags from the test of the floor, and frig. And I showed her my new list. And she found things I'd missed. She insisted that her workers usually do a good job. And she wants to come back on Wednesday with a different crew and redo the house. no charge.

Then the dishwasher repair guy came by with the part, and installed it like he was in a big hurry or something. $277.00 later, he was out the door, and I set a load going after his quick wash (30 minute cycle) was over. It still seems to make a grindy noise at 84 minutes, so I will need to watch it, and call him back, as the warranty is only good for 30 days for this part/labor. Warrantees are more valuable than the appliance/car/etc. We never did lay our hands on the receipt. I suspect it is hiding in the same spot at the disk for the scanner.

Almost time for bed. I had enough excitement for one day. Got up way toooooo early, and fetched breakfast biscuits, and accidentally dropped my wallet in Bob's car in the dark. Found it at after noon after the repairman left---when I discovered it was missing. I am so thankful I found it, and need to be much more careful in zipping up my purse. I called Bob to see if he had spotted it on his way to the train station, but he was gone to lunch. I found it and called again with a found message before he got back from lunch. Fetched two gallons of milk and a half gallon of orange juice whilst I was out. Bob got home about 6:30. Took a later train. I got all the sheets and things washed yesterday folded. We have a honey-do list for tomorrow if we feel like it. Thankfully, it did not make it above 92 degrees today?! A nice break in the slew of 100 degree days. Wind out of the north---aw. relief.

Watching NASA tv on the web. docking. and tomorrow's space walk plan.

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Bob said...

You were a very busy girl today.