Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wonderful Wedding

Wonderful Wedding dear James and Amber! It all flew by so fast---

And I think we all need a copy of the vows Pastor Robert made you repeat. Whoa. And Amber's Dad seemed so nervous, but it helped for us to take a break, and smile. Amber looked so beautiful in her gown. And the veil was so pretty, and how she did her hair for after the veil. She seemed to look with anxious eyes at her groom wanting only his approval. Wanting only to see his face.

I hope they had a wonderful time. I hope they enjoyed every fleeting minute. I can't wait to hear what they thought, and what they remember. It was so special. And I hope everyone from Amber's church felt welcome at ours. It was so good to see lots and lots of family. And serve lots and lots of raspberry lemonade. The Carrabbas food was good, and we had a lot left over. I sent some of the salmon home with Suzanne, as Gary can eat that. And some home with my folks, as they remarked how good it was.

Bob had an army of good helpers after to reset the chairs for church. Ben-Ben mopped wherever the sticky lemonade had dripped. And we were home by 11pm. I have a white tablecloth that must have dropped out of Brigette's car, and the presents awaiting the bride and groom along with the groom's laundry and uniforms. It was so funny there at close to time to go to Amber's church for the ceremony---I kept getting calls from different ones needing this and that. Even the groom called needing his running shoes to take on the honeymoon. I put them in the trunk of his car myself, to be sure.

The guys seemed to really like the ties. And Ross even borrowed his Dad's shoes, and one of our off-white ironed shirts. Good thing we had an extra. The cuff on Bob's seemed tooooo tight. I wonder if it shrunk funny in the wash. Everyone looked great. But, then, our view was of the groom's side.

The way the bride and groom faced the audience. I wonder what Amber saw facing us. And I wonder what James saw, facing the bride's side.

It was so fun!

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Bag Blog said...

I'm glad the wedding went off with only one hitch - that is my pun for the day.