Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What a day this has been...

Could not sleep at 3am again. Got up and did some stuff on the computer for an hour. Went back to bed. Lauren and Abby got up and ate breakfast while I snored away. Lauren packed the night before, and loaded the car while Abby watched a Veggie Tales dvd. Maybe she did not like today's clothing choice, but she was pretty upset when she noticed Lauren going in and out for one or two more trips. But, snuggly ensconced in her carseat with the portable dvd player going, she waved bye-bye, and Lauren made it safely to Grandpa Karn's house. That is great. Grandpa Karn is going to have a great birthday tomorrow!!! And oh, what fun Abby's Mimi and Pops will have, too!

I ran some errands, and put clean sheets on the guest queen size bed. Vaccuumed, and now all is in readiness if the newlyweds want to stay there Thursday night. It is tempting to put all their presents in there, too, but I am not even sure they are coming here. I guess I can text or call closer to their flight time. I hope they have had fun in da mountains of Colorado. I wonder if they got to ride the train.

Tried skype-ing with Nance again, but this time the sound was balky, so we talked on phones, but could see each other on video. And Suzanne called. Gary sounds much better after being home after two eventful weeks in the hospital. Glad to hear he is on the mend.

Doing laundry, making lists. My coasters are about worn out. Maybe the gift shop has some. Walmart did not have any that I could find.

I got the piles of leaves picked up off the driveway. And the garbage to the street. The grass is tooooo wet to mow. I guess it was a surgical storm again last night---as Suzanne in Ennis did not get a drop. I drove by low spots in the road where the creek had overflowed and deposited branches up along the road. It was a gully washer yesterday! Good, because that means the parking lots got a bath, too! Walmart's needed it.

I have a case of canned drinks to donate to the church coke machine because I cannot find the nine big foil disposable pans at Walmart. They will have them closer to Thanksgiving, and I will try to replace the ones from the cupboard we used at the reception at church.

I am down to two pieces of grilled salamon. One more meal. And I am wondering if the butter mushroom sauce can be made into soup? Wouldn't hurt to try. I have two huge ziplock bags of it. And Carrabbas bread for toast or sandwiches.

I wonder how far the Alaskan questers got today? St. Louis to ???

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Bob said...

... to Sioux Falls. Tomorrow, Bandon Manitoba.

We're heading to bed now. Love you, ya know -- Bobby.