Monday, July 13, 2009

A Get 'Er Done Day!

Lists were desimated this day. Piles were purged. And what I could not find at the store, I ordered online!

Emails responded to, calls made, condolences given, and I handled our first cancellations and welcomed a potential wedding crasher! What a day this has been...what a rare mood I'm in...why its, almost like falling in love.

Hannah, my niece, started college today. GO Hannah!

And I purchased a potty seat with handles. Our granddaughter will be going on Dora. It was either Dora or Thomas the Tank. Or the princesses. Then there was a contraption called a "tushie cushie". What will they think of next. Armed with a random list, I was about to head out the door, when Ben-Ben called. Ready for lunch. So, we went to Chipotle, and he mentioned needing dress shoes. I said I was headed to Walmart for a potty seat, so he tagged along. We could not find any dress shoes comfortable enough or in his size. So we tried Payless. Slim pickings there. So, we headed for Men's Warehouse in south Arlington. Nice store, and the salesman kept pulling stuff out. Amazing. Ben is set. Ben is ready to be da groomsman. And in shoes that will dance. As long as we can slap nametags on all his cousins at the reception, he will be fine.

Big crowds of relatives make Ben nervous. He asked me once, am I related to ALL these people?! Yep. Nervous as a cat in a rocking chair shop---Ben said all these "hot" girls and I am related to them! I guess it just does not do to "hit" on your first cousins.

I ordered the furnace filters online. two inchers are a bugger.

Washed the dishes. The dishwasher part people called again today. Wanting to know the part number again. The lady could not read the tech's handwriting. She thinks he may be able to bring it out Friday. Wow. Still hunting for purchase date. It is a mystery. Maybe if I leaf through old calendars. Five year warranty for a part, but two year warranty for something else.

Ben installed the Tarrant County license sticker on the windshield for me. And then he noted that my other inspection sticker was also due. He knew a place that was super fast. We went by there after Men's Warehouse. Got 'er done. I'd hate for Lauren to be stopped in Houston come August 1st.

So, we got stuff done that was not even on my list. I gave up looking for an Air Force bumper sticker. The Army-Navy store was out. I just ordered one online. Good old Amazon. They have a magnetic ribbon for every persuasion, and mostly hatred for President Bush and VP Cheney. Where are the pro-Palin magnets?

A little laundry. A little watering. A little cereal for supper.

Not much knitting done today. A little vacuuming. A little reading of the blogs. A little Breitbart TV. And my Dad says that I was a flower girl before I was two years old. The picture I have is a polaroid of me a week before I turned two. not much hair. white dress. a hairband of flowers. I am standing behind a 55 Buick, my Dad says. A homemade sign says, Just Married. June 29, 1958. My sister would have been born one month later. I'd post it, but my scanner won't talk to my computer. I even tried taking a digital picture of the polaroid. Came out fuzzy. Oh, well.

All this, and it was 103 degrees today. We will survive.


Bob said...

... We will survive
as long as we know how to love
We know we will stay alive
We've got all my life to live
We've got all my love to give
and we'll survive
We will survive

joyce said...

I think someone is praying for my sanity. And I sure appreciate those prayers.

Bag Blog said...

I need a "get 'er done day."

ShalomSeeker said...

Whew. I'm sorry for the cancel-ers, but this crasher is grateful! And thanks for the song in my head! See you in 10.5 days!
P.S. And I *have* prayed for you! (As I'm sure others must be doing, too.)

joyce said...

Thank you Shalom-seeker. Can't wait to see you! And welcome Amber as she joins this big, crazy family!

I'll never forget when your mom sided up to me at Bart's 50th suprise birthday party, and asked who was that long-haired guy I had been speaking to. Then Ben came up to me and said, "mom, Duke did not recognize me." I had to tell them that Aunt Mona did not either!