Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wow: It only takes 73 hours and 24 minutes to read the whole Bible aloud.

The other day, my son Ben was riding along with me to get the car inspected. He knew this cool place that was quick. Ben pointed out that my car stereo thingy has mp3 capabilities. I have no idea what an mp3 thingy is. But, I think it would be so cool to have the whole Bible on an mp3 or disk or something so that when riding around in the car, I can listen to the Bible.

I noticed on the Bible Gateway site that you can buy the whole Bible on mp3, and that it contains 73 hours and 24 minutes of listening pleasure. That means it took this guy 73 hours and 24 minutes to read the whole Bible. I am not saying he did it in one sitting. But, you could listen to the whole Bible in just 73 hours and 24 minutes. Wow. I am just blown away by that statistic. That is just so cool.

I wish someone would put the Bible to song, then it would be easier to learn, eh?

But, let us look at this number. You could read the Bible aloud in three days and three nights if you were able to do so without stopping. It would take you nine days if you'd rather read the Bible aloud at the more leisurely eight hours a day. Or, three months---that is all it would take to read the Bible aloud just ONE hour a day. But, we live in a fast society---who has time to spend ONE hour a day reading the Bible?? Can someone help me with the math? Let's say you only have time in your busy schedule to read the Bible for five minutes a day. How long would it take you to read the whole Bible, begats and all? (I just love the begats---they are my favorite part, because they speak of birth, and parenting, and love and romance!)

Do you suppose God designed the Bible that way? To be read in less than a week and rest on the Sabbath?

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joyce said...

I am the type that has to hear it, and read it and study it---my whole life long. Now I wonder exactly how many words are in the Bible. anyone know?