Sunday, July 12, 2009

This is a test. Only a test. I love comic sans because the "a" is drawn correctly as if we are drawing it by hand. Let's see how blogspot grabs it.

Wow. Here I had the microsoft word document all the time. Whenever I have to write a letter, I have been just doing it in email format, emailing it to myself, and then printing. This is much better.

And we will see how it transfers to blogspot. Now I can work on updating my messy address book. I want to do a page for each family. This will give me lots of room to flesh out kids names, and grandkids birthdays. And I need to add a section on appliances. Who knew we'd need copies of the receipts, and dates of purchase in order to prove warranty viability. And keeping these events on a calendar is not working. I guess I could look back through my blogs to figure out when we purchased the dishwasher.

Amazingly, we have lived in this house for almost thirty years, and the sink disposal works just fine. I keep thinking it will be the next thing to go out. Ha. Always something with a house.

Bob will be gone from July 26 to August 12th, so I will have plenty of time for projects---getting the carpet cleaned project, getting the address book updated, cleaning the garage, paint, getting the kitchen floor worked on. Eighteen days of which, some, Lauren and Abby will be here, and James and Amber will be coming back through, and Ben-Ben will be coming and going from his vacation, and maybe Mel, and at times this will be like Grand Central Station. And at other times, quiet and hot and dry as the Sahara.

Eighteen days to get started on the newsletter, announcing a new daughter, and where all the guys are. Eighteen days to blog about Bob's Alaska adventures. fun. fun.

Trebuchet will have to do. It did not grab Comic Sans. Oh, well. Still learning.

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